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The Spirituality of Jesus: Stop and Go?



(This post first appeared on Missio Alliance)

Brad Brisco and Lance Ford in their excellent book The Missional Quest have a really helpful chapter called “Stop and Go: Rhythms of Inner Formation.” The chapter is about the importance of rest in the life of a missional leader.

They say that¬†“the major emphasis of the missional movement is the sent nature of our calling as the body of Christ- going into culture with the gospel, practicing and proclaiming the good news of the kingdom of God. However, it is incumbent on us that we not lose our grip on the truth that we cannot go out under our own strength, understanding or power. To rely upon savvy, reason and human talent is to invite trouble along the way of mission.”

This is a really important caution and so they propose that the missional leader should enter intorhythms of formation which they describe as “Stop and Go.”¬†They explain, “Jesus was well aware that his incarnational plunge into the brokenness of humanity necessitated soul care for himself and his disciples. It was necessary for him to embrace the spiritual formation processes and patterns that any man or woman who hopes to connect with God must do. Jesus followed a self-imposed habit of discipline that frequently took him away from the crowds and ministry into solitude, rest and prayer, both alone and in the small company of his twelve disciples.” Continue reading The Spirituality of Jesus: Stop and Go?