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What is the future of the Church? Subterranean


Dan White Jr has a new book out called Subterranean: Why the future of the Church is Rootedness and I’m thrilled to be a part of his “Blog Tour” for the book. I’m focusing on Chapter 8 which looks at being “Rooted in Locality”. 

Most of us have realised by now that things have changed for Christians in the West today.

Not only have they changed, but many aspects of what the church has always believed and practiced are being questioned to the point of being turned inside out by our culture today. As a result we are feeling a bit disoriented and many are desperately trying to find ways to go back to the way things were when the Church was at the centre of society. We felt a lot more in control back then. We knew how to “do” church back then. We understood our identity. Continue reading What is the future of the Church? Subterranean