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The Kingdom of God at my Dinner Table

The other night I invited six people to a dinner party that I was hosting for my birthday. I picked six because I have a table that seats that many and I didn’t want it to be so big that people would break off into groups to talk. I desired ideally, good conversation among all of us. We hardly ever do that any more it seems to me. I also told them that I didn’t want any gifts for my birthday but I said that if they wanted to they could bring a ‘gift’ to perform or present which celebrated life. I’m not sure why I did that but intuitively I felt that by doing this we might, God willing, experience something deep as we listened to one another, deeper than talking about the weather, the habits of our children, the struggles at work or what was new at the shops that week. I thought to myself it could go badly and get a little tacky, perhaps feel a little staged or it could be special. Continue reading The Kingdom of God at my Dinner Table