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Should we still call God Father?


Inevitably, when I’m at a forum where gender is being discussed this question comes up; “Should we still call God Father?” The question annoys me for various reasons but mainly because it is usually used as a barometer for where we stand in relation to feminism as Christians . If we answer “No” then we are seen a heretical feminists and liberals that have succumbed to our secular age, but if we reply “yes” then progressive Christians become irate because we are not fighting against the oppressive patriarchal system that we live in. It’s a thorny question to answer! Continue reading Should we still call God Father?

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Why women need to encourage one another

On a day when female bishops are denied their desire to serve in the church of England and Aussie businesswoman Carolyn Cresswell takes out the Telstra business woman of the year award, I once again marvel at the irony. Even though I think that in general it is difficult for women to thrive in upper levels of leadership, the church is an institution where this is more difficult. There are so many things that we can do in order to change this reality in the church  and broader context however one simple thing that I think that has been overlooked is that women need to encourage women.  Why is this so important? Here are a few reasons. Continue reading Why women need to encourage one another

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There’s something about Mary


To tell you the truth I’ve never really been that interested in Mary…but you have to admit there is something about her, the mother of Jesus that is, that quietly and persistently challenges you to take another look at this woman. So as a result, lately I’ve been thinking a lot about Mary, and especially wondering if she has anything to say to us about women in leadership today.

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