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Surry Hills Community Café- so much more than just a café.

Surry Hills Community cafe is held at the Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre and is headed up by Stephen Lunny Community Programs director there. It is held every Friday from 10.30pm to 2 pm.

Stephen says “The team are all volunteers that lovingly prepare the food and serve the community. The atmosphere is upbeat and a lot of fun we hope the experience provides an uplifting and heartwarming moment in everyone’s day. The Surry Hills Community Café is indeed so much more than just a café.”

Stephen explains that there are various services offered  for those that need assistance or simply want to connect with the services . He says “It’s also a fortnightly Hair Salon providing $10 haircuts for those who need it. Andrew Harris, our talented cutter, is a welcome addition to the Friday team. Teik Lim-, our Justice of the Peace, is onsite at every Café’ between 12.30 and 1.30pm.”

“There’s a creative table project at one end of the room. At present the team are working on a patchwork quilt. And they are also re- purposing street flag signage and making them into re-usable shopping bags. There are also other projects in the pipeline. Creative Paper work and an aboriginal art class to mention a couple.”

The space also provides good Wi Fi and a couple of Laptops are available for those who want to surf the web or create a document. One on one computer support is also available for those who want help answering a computer or smart phone question.

Stephen says “Then there’s the café. With indoor and outdoor seating on our lovely first floor premises, the café offers community an opportunity connect, relax, laugh and enjoy the offerings on the menu. We provide no charge and low charge options so that everyone can come regardless of their situation. Everyone is welcome. And with options like Raisin Toast, Pain au Chocolat, Devonshire Tea, Tasty Quiches and our famous Flourless Mandarin Cake on offer, it’s tempting to come every week.”

Indeed it is. It is so good to see these kinds of spaces opening up in neighbourhoods. These are places that people can connect, receive friendship, eat , laugh and engage in much needed services. Where are these spaces in your neighbourhood?