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Forming reflective practitioners for service in the ecology of the urban neighbourhood

About Us

We are a husband-and-wife team committed to loving our local neighbourhood and seeing it flourish. Neighbourhoods matter. We want to help people look beyond the four walls of institutions and develop the ability to listen deeply to what the skills and gifts are in their own communities. It’s only after we listen that we can discern contextualised opportunities to bring about peace, justice and mercy in the ecology of the neighbourhood. We believe that through our Spirit-inspired relationships and initiatives we can embody transformative love in our world. We believe in the goodness, diversity and complexity of the urban space, even though this is sometimes a forgotten area for engagement. Cities are places that need “salt and light” and good deeds so that they become resilient and places where all can live, work, learn and play together.

Karina and Armen
karina kreminski speaking
Rev. Dr Karina Kreminski

Inner city dweller. Explorer. Writer. Leaf blower hater. Flâneuse. Neighbourhood enthusiast. Lover of all things urban. Tea snob. Shalom builder.

Rev. Dr Karina Kreminski has worked in the fields of English teaching and journalism. She has been a Senior Minister in the Church and was Missiology Lecturer at Morling College in Sydney. Karina has a doctorate in missional formation and writes and blogs about spirituality, mission and theology. She has also been on various denominational boards and vision committees. She loves forming people for leadership and speaks regularly at churches and conferences on neighbourhood and community mission and activism. Karina is the facilitator of The Happiness Lab at the Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre where she is a board member, and is involved in a storytelling project called Surry Hills & Valleys with locals in Surry Hills, an inner city village in Sydney. She has written a book called Urban Spirituality: Embodying God’s Mission in the Neighbourhood.

armen gakavian

Dr Armen Gakavian has mentored young leaders and men from disadvantaged backgrounds in Australia and Armenia. His PhD was in cultural identity and longing for place. He has lectured in sociology, politics, social change and leadership and has worked as a researcher for universities and NGOs in the areas of social inclusion, social policy, faith-based social services, community development and multiculturalism. Armen was a founding member of the Centre for Comparative Genocide Studies at Macquarie University, Sydney, and of various NGOs and initiatives including the Australian branch of Mission Armenia NGO and an Armenian-Turkish dialogue group. He pioneered the Ministry at the Margins for The Australian Navigators, in partnership with The Salvation Army in Ivanhoe Public Housing Estate in Sydney’s northwest. He is currently Coordinating Editor and Associate Director of Ethos: EA Centre for Christianity and Society.

What we offer

  • Teaching/Preaching
  • Workshops
  • Training
  • Mentoring/Spiritual Formation
  • Formation huddles for practitioners
  • Creation of resources (toolkits, Bible studies, other material)
  • Research
  • Writing and Editing
  • Newsletter

Drawings by Richard Briggs

On topics such as

  • Neighbourhood work
  • Community Capacity Building
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Social Change
  • Urban Spirituality
  • Social Justice
  • Placemaking – Theology of place
  • Peacemaking
  • Cultural Exegesis and Contextualisation
  • Displacement and Homelessness
  • Urban Mission
  • Intercultural Relations
  • Theology of Mission
  • Inclusion
  • Missional Ecclesiology


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Our Partners


Neighbourhood Matters is coordinating and teaching an Urban Internship program at HopeStreet Woolloomooloo to start in 2020. Check out their webpage for more details.

The Salvation Army & Macquarie University

Neighbourhood Matters is working with the Salvation Army and Macquarie University on a project called Vertical Villages which has a research focus around urban density but also has an aim to equip churches to reflect on how to build community in the context of high rise buildings. 

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